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This website is here to help you find out more about what is happening in the poultry health world and to help and advise you on any health issues you may have with your own birds.

Practical Poultry magazine has teamed up with the vets from Westpoint Veterinary Group. Westpoint have a team of vets working in the poultry sector who are well used to working with domestic poultry keepers and are aware of the day to day problems they face.

  •  "Ask the Vet" - You can ask any question relating to the health of your birds - just click on the "Askthe Vet" button and one of the Westpoint team will email you straight back
  • Health Guides - Download guides covering issues such as worms, parasites and breathing problems with more being produced over the coming months
  • Training - if you would like a training course in your area on any health related subject then click the "Training " button, complete your details and you will be alerted when a course is being run. If you can organise at least 12 people to attend a meeting in your area then your place will be a free and you will also get a Westpoint goody bag.
  • Forum - discuss current issues with like minded poultry keepers  



A series of Podcasts on various poultry topics is now available by clicking on the headphones



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